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Our Apartment house is in Hegykö, it is about 16 km from Sopron away in the naturepark Fertö-Hanság. An important tourism place to visit in our little village is the thermal spa which is always open. The cycling way around the lake Fertő goes through our little town. There are also fishing lakes where you


Sopron the city of loyalty is less than half on hour away from us. There are lots of places you can visit during your sightseeing like Fire tower, many churches and uncountable viewpoints where the landscape is gorgeous. Worth it to drink a coffe or a tea at Várkerület. It’s the most popular place in

Lake Fertő

In Hegykő and in his area are many options to spend your free time. The thermal spa, fishing lake on the town border, hiking way, and an international cycling way with 120 km length around lake Fertő. In our town are many good restaurants. If you want to go horses riding just tell us. About

Thermal spa

The thermal spa is about 100 meters away from our apartment. The water from 1443 meters depth is rich in Fluoride and full with Minerals, it is recommendable for people whos have problems with their bones. Also is good for gynecological, urological and dermatological problems. In the thermal spa there are four pools, one for

Two Airspace Rooms, Four People

Our rooms are modern and it is ready to use. In the two person sized bedrooms there are a kitchen and a bathroom with a terrace where you could sit and smoke a cigarette or drink your coffe in the morning. In the kitchen there are a microwave, a hotplate, a fridge and a coffe